George Union aka Manchester Nova

Stuart's Doodlings......

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Cool dude Boltonator, a hero in Manchester Nova!

Our hero, Manchester Nova!

A villain and later a hero in Manchester Nova, the Physician!

Another hero in Manchester Nova, Captain Manchester!

One of the enemy minions in Manchester Nova, a Sliver aka an alien robot monkey!

King Albid of the Deep Sea, another hero in Manchester Nova!

Royal Guard, leader of the Wardens in Manchester Nova!

The delectable Devout a member of the Wardens and mentor to Manchester Nova!

The StickleBack, the first villain in Manchester Nova!

Sweet Annie, helped Captain Manchester tackle the StickleBack whilst Manchester Nova was in the future!

George Union aka Manchester Nova!

Concept art of a character not yet used in Manchester Nova, meet Spookie!

Concept artwork of a Pirate!